World Quantum Day

Discover the language of the universe

Why April 14?

The World Quantum Day is celebrated on April 14, a reference to 4.14, the rounded first digits of Planck’s constant: 4.1356677×10−15 eV⋅s = 0.000 000 000 000 004 1356677 electron volt second, a product of energy and time that is the fundamental constant governing quantum physics.

Why is Planck’s constant so important? Did you know it is used to define the kilogram? And, otherwise, how does it affect our lives? These are some of the questions, among many others, that will be addressed by the World Quantum Day activities.

And what other dates and numbers do you consider important for Quantum Science and Technology? When was quantum physics first taught in your country? And in your university/school?Check out our Quantum@Calendar project, which aims to record historical quantum events and make every day a quantum day!

Discover the language of the universe


The World Quantum Day aims at engaging the general public in the understanding and discussion of Quantum Science and Technology, namely:

how it helps us understand Nature at its most fundamental level,
how it helped us develop technologies that are crucial for our life today,
and how it can lead to future scientific and technological revolutions, and how these can impact our society.

The World Quantum Day is an initiative from quantum scientists around the World, launched on 14 April 2021 as the countdown towards the first global celebration on 14 April 2022.

It is a decentralized and bottom-up initiative, inviting all scientists, engineers, educators, communicators, entrepreneurs, technologists, historians, philosophers, artists, museologists, producers, etc., and their organisations, to develop their own activities, such as outreach talks, exhibitions, lab tours, panel discussions, interviews, artistic creations, etc., to celebrate the World Quantum Day around the World.

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