How to engage

World Quantum Day is a bottom-up initiative aiming at promoting the public understanding of Quantum Science and Technology around the World. See below for some ways you can engage with and participate in World Quantum Day on April 14th every year.



  • Take some inspiration from QuanTime and join the ⟨Quantum|School⟩ iniative by organising an event at your school, or having your class join a virtual, public event.
  • Teach a short lesson on quantum science.


  • Ask your teacher to do something for World Quantum Day.
  • Think about how your daily life is improved using developments enabled by our understanding of quantum mechanics. Share on social media using #WorldQuantumDay.

Science Communicators, Journalists, and Content Creators

  • Highlight quantum content on your home page.
  • Share quantum content on social media using #WorldQuantumDay.
  • Create a special banner or doodle for World Quantum Day.
  • Write an article about World Quantum Day that provides links to curated prior quantum content.

Universities, Corporations, and Research Laboratories

  • Issue a press release highlighting some of the quantum research at your organisation.
  • Issue a press release highlighting some of the people doing quantum research at your organisation.
  • Post quantum-themed content on your home page.
  • Share information about careers in quantum.
  • Encourage your team to engage in World Quantum Day.
  • Organise a public event, either in-person or virtual, about quantum science and/or careers.
  • Host virtual lab tours and post photos.
  • Submit your events!
Content on this page was adapted from language on the US website to apply to the global community.
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