Apr 11, 2022 - Feb 5, 2022

The Photonic Trail exhibition

Helsinki, Finland
Apr 11, 2022 - Feb 5, 2022
12:00 pm (GMT+02:00)
General public, students
QPlayLearn. The exhibition is sponsored by Aalto University and the University of Helsinki, both part of InstituteQ, with support from Algorithmiq Oy. It is part of the European pilot project QUTE4E and the European flagship QTEdu.
Type of event:
In-person event

The Photonic Trail exhibition is a collection of storytelling, art illustrations and quantum optics elements explored through an immersive single-player game. Anyone from beginners to seasoned pros can enjoy the basics of quantum optics with no maths required!

The Photonic Trail consists of a treasure hunt with 6 missions. There is a story for each mission, also accompanied by an enchanting illustration, and a virtual lab of quantum optics that sets you the challenge of the game.

The Photonic Trail was born as an online project in collaboration with Quantum Flytrap, and anyone can enjoy it at qplaylearn.com/treasure-hunt.

*Disclaimer: The World Quantum Day is not responsible for the accuracy of the information submitted about this event.
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