Mar 22, 2024

Stupor Quanti

Naples, Italy
Mar 22, 2024
9:00 am (GMT+01:00)
General public, students
University of Naples, Federico II & National Quantum Science and Technology Institute (NQSTI)
Type of event:
In-person event

No theory of Nature has been so successful at describing the fundamental physical processes as quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics is at the roots of the explanation of the fundamental forces of Nature, elementary particles, the structure of light and matter, and even black holes. It is also at the foundation of innumerable applications, from semiconductors to lasers and it has been paramount in the development of integrated circuits and computer chips. We are at the onset of a second quantum revolution, where the most intriguing and mind-boggling features of quantum mechanics are harnessed for the development of quantum technologies, from quantum computers to secure quantum communication or more precise measuring instruments. At the same time, no theory has been so puzzling, surprising, and counterintuitive. According to Einstein, even spooky. The best word to describe what is the effect that quantum mechanics elicits on everyone that learns something about it – from the amateurs to the most seasoned practitioners – is “stupor”, from Latin, that is “wonder” or “marvel”.
This is also part of its beauty. Nothing more than quantum mechanics has the capability of making us wonder. With this event, we start in the year of the 800th adniversary of our University, a series of yearly named lectures by distinguished scientists on the foundations and applications of quantum mechanics.
The founder of our University, Federico II, was called stupor mundi, the `marvel of the world’. In his honor, we name this priced lecture “stupor quanti”. The marvel of quantum physics. The “stupor quanti” priced lecture will be broadcast and all the lectures of the event will be published in a dedicated venue. Every five years, the stupor quanti lectures will be collected in a volume and re-published.
The event takes half of the day. The first talk is from a senior member of the University. The second talk is the stupor quanti lecture by a distinguished scientist who has contributed to decisive advance in the field, the third talk is by a PhD student. The event is closed with a round table discussion with the participation of the audience in form of questions and answers.
For 2024 event, the distinguished scientist who has come to give the inspirational lecture is Professor Seth Lloyd, Department of Mechanical Engineering M.I.T. Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

*Disclaimer: The World Quantum Day is not responsible for the accuracy of the information submitted about this event.
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