Apr 14, 2024

QuanTour Kick-off – A Quantum Emitters Journey Across Europe

Berlin, Germany
Apr 14, 2024
4:00 pm (GMT+01:00)
General public
Dr. Doris Reiter (TU Dortmund), Dr. Tobias Heindel (TU Berlin), and Dr. Pranoti Kshirsagar (The ScienceTalk)
Type of event:
Hybrid event

This event on the occasion of the World Quantum Day 2024 is aimed at anyone interested in light and quanta. How do you create individual light particles? And what can you do with it? We will get to the bottom of these and other questions and introduce the audience to the fascination of quantum optics. One highlight will be the presentation of the quantum light source of the QuanTour project. During the project, the quantum light source will then go on its journey across Europe, visiting 12+ different quantum laboratories and meeting researchers from all over Europe.

QuanTour is an official outreach project of the German Physical Society (DPG) for the “International Year of Quantum Science and Technology 2025” jointly organized by the quantum enthusiasts Doris Reiter and Tobias Heindel together with the outreach expert Pranoti Kshirsagar. 

Doris works in the field of theoretical physics and simulates quantum light sources at Technical University of Dortmund. Tobias leads the BMBF Junior Research Group “Quantum Communication Systems” at the Technical University of Berlin. Pranoti has a background in materials/nanoscience and is the founder of The Science Talk (created in 2018) where scientists are empowered and enabled to share their stories while advancing their career. 

Starting from Berlin at the world quantum day, the QuanTour journey can be followed over the course of 12 months on Instagram (@quantour.eu) with the hashtags #QuanTour #QTorch #SUPERquantum. Like the Olympic torch relay, it will get us in the mood for the “International Year of Quantum Science and Technology 2025”. The quantum light source will finally pass the home stretch at the DPG Conference 2025 in Göttingen with the topic “Quantum Physics”.

*Disclaimer: The World Quantum Day is not responsible for the accuracy of the information submitted about this event.
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