Quantum Science included in TV quiz show Jeopardy! on the occasion of the World Quantum Day

In anticipation of the World Quantum Day, on Monday 10 April 2023, the episode of the American TV quiz show Jeopardy!, on air since 1964, introduced for the first time a category on Quantum Science.

This was developed in collaboration with Spiros Michalakis, the USA representative in the World Quantum Day Network, who shared with us his experience:

“I reached out to Jeopardy! after a friend at NASA, Barbara Adde, mentioned how much she loved the show and how cool it would be to have quantum science on it, as part of the World Quantum Day. Producers from Jeopardy! were quite enthusiastic to introduce the first-ever quantum science category and have the show air the week of the World Quantum Day. I worked with them on some of the clues, and one of their clue masters found out I had helped introduce the Quantum Realm in Ant-Man, so that became one of the clues. They came to Caltech to film at one of our fancy quantum labs a few weeks later. It was a blast! I hope this becomes an annual thing, with fresh new faces from diverse backgrounds presenting the quantum science category over the years.”

The World Quantum Day Network remains open to such future collaborations, in other countries and languages, to pursue its goal to promote the public understanding of Quantum Science and Technology around the World.

Let’s quantum!

The World Quantum Day Team

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