Quantum@School is a global event, an initiative of the World Quantum Day aiming at connecting schools worldwide in the understanding of Quantum Science and Quantum Technology, in the days and weeks around 14 April.

If your school would like to be part of this initiative, you can:

– join an existing event by contacting the representative of your country in the World Quantum Network.

– submit here the event your school is organising to celebrate the World Quantum Day!


Quantum@Museum is an initiative of the World Quantum Day to bring quantum science and technology to museums around the World, both science and art museums, and their laboratories.

Join this initiative, and submit your Quantum@Museum event for the celebrations of the World Quantum Day.


Every day is a Quantum Day! The Quantum@Calendar project is an initiative of the World Quantum Day to record all quantum days.

And what other dates and numbers do you consider important for Quantum Science and Technology? When was quantum physics first taught in your country? And in your university/school?

Send us your suggestions to


The World Quantum Day encourages and supports artistic creativity in the context of Quantum Science and Technology. Submit, disseminate, and share your creations, paintings, sculptures, installations, stories, poems, music, theatre plays, films, etc.!


Did you know that medical imaging techniques such as MRI and CAT scans, as well as some therapeutical methods, are based on Quantum Physics? Stay tuned for more information. And contact us if you would like to join this project!


Send us your suggestions of other places where Quantum Science and Technology could be celebrated!