Lithuania - Special episodes already aired on National TV

Lithuania: Special episodes already aired on National TV

We officially announced the World Quantum Day in Lithuania art competition to illustrate quantum effects and the most influential scientists in the history of quantum mechanics. Draw Einstein, Planck, Curie, Born, Feynman and others, or depict a photo effect and other interesting quantum phenomena or their applications, i.e. main topics are quantum scientists, quantum phenomena or applications of quantum physics.

WQD art competition is open to anyone who is not indifferent to science. Participants will be divided into three age categories: children under 12; children aged 12-18 and adults. The winners of the competition will be announced in 2022. April 14. The authors of the best works will be awarded valuable prizes including: popular board games, drones with Wi-Fi cameras, training kits, smart bracelets, etc. The art works will be shown during the national lecture and in the episode of the LRT Plus Science Soup section Physics with Coffee.

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