Italian Quantum Weeks | World Quantum Day initiatives

Italian World Quantum Day initiatives are about to start: almost 3 months of conferences, exhibitions and activities for schools and the general public. 

Strong on the success of the 2022 edition, the Italian Quantum Weeks (IQWs) national coordination is ready to start this year’s activities. Numerous outreach events will take place under the sign of World Quantum Day (WQD), dedicated to all levels of education and the general public.

Activities will start as soon as mid March and will end by the end of April. 

Similarly to the previous edition, an exhibition will be organised in several cities of the country. 
This year’s theme will be quantum Entanglement, a lucky coincidence with the assignment of 2023 Nobel prizes in physics. The exhibition is planned to engage both students and the general public and every local committee will add its own personal touch. 

Conferences, science games and activities for youngsters will accompany the visit.

On 15 March 2023, a public online conference addressed to high schools will be held as a Quantum@school event.

On 14 April 2023, the WQD will be celebrated with an in person event in Naples organised by INO-CNR, Università Federico II and their partners. On that occasion, the winners of last year’s art contest “Suggestioni quantistiche” will be celebrated.

Finally, the second edition of the art contest has started. Artists of all kinds, videomakers, professionals and amateurs are challenged to create something that, in their opinion, represents some aspects of the quantum domain.

More informations and detailed calendar of all italian quantum weeks activities here.

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