IOP Publishing celebrates WQD with the announcement of a special quantum collection and the winners of two prestigious quantum awards

In celebration of World Quantum Day (14th April), IOP Publishing (IOPP) is launching a special collection of its most popular, cutting-edge quantum research published in the last two years.  

The IOPP quantum collection is openly available for anyone to read and showcases world-class quantum research published in the academic journals Materials for Quantum Technology, Quantum Science and Technology, New Journal of Physics and Reports on Progress in Physics. The special collection will also include unique perspectives from women in quantum and their contributions to this popular field.   

Quantum research and technology is evolving rapidly, and fresh perspectives are key to the development of a field that connects many disciplines such as quantum chemistry and meteorology.  

Covering various quantum research areas, IOPP is pleased to announce the winners of two prestigious quantum awards.  

  • Feihu Xu from the University of Science and Technology of China, has been awarded this year’s International Quantum Technology Early Career Scientist Award for his seminal contributions to quantum communication and quantum network, including the security of practical quantum cryptography, large-scale quantum network and high-speed quantum communication.  
  • Annabelle Bohrdt from the University of Regensburg, has been chosen as the winner of the International Quantum Technology Emerging Researcher Award for her work on developing novel approaches to analyse strongly correlated quantum matter using snapshots of quantum states. 

Both winners have been invited to give a special award lecture, and submit a perspective related to their work to the IOPP journal Quantum Science and Technology. The award lecture will take place on the 25th of May and people interested in attending the lectures can register their interest here

Dr Tim Smith, Head of Portfolio Development at IOPP, says: “Yet again the nominations we received for these awards were outstanding, and the judging process was both tough and very enjoyable. On behalf of the awards committee our congratulations go to this year’s two very deserving winners both of whom have already made significant contributions in the field of quantum science despite just being at the start of their research careers. Demonstrating great early promise, we are excited to see how their research paths develop, and what important scientific advances they both might make in the coming years.”  

The winners were chosen by a committee of eight leading quantum specialists who selected the work for their exceptional promise for the future of quantum research and technology and the expectation for longer term impact on the field and the quantum science community.  

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